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Our Technology

AEGL Technology

AEGL (Alternate Extra Glue Line) is a new and efficacious technology, which is used to make two extra layers in the ply. This is done via the processes of bonding and pressing of ply until the desired thickness is achieved. Through this technology, we are providing exclusive solutions to clients for various problems related to woodworking in one instance. The range of Blockboard & Flush Doors manufactured using AEGL technology is provided under the brand "CONFORS".

The CONFORS are ensured to be unique by enhancing their density to double as well as the glue shear capacity by more than 40%. Due to the heavy pressure as well as increased number of layers, the final thickness is quite thin in each layer that aids in reducing the warping tendency and ensuring the development of precise and straight ply. In addition, this also provides more dimensional stability, greater anti-bending properties and better cohesive action to the plywood with excellent adhesion and more strength. Use of certain oxidants in the process ensures no effects of borers, fungus, termites and other mythological organisms on the products. All these features are not present in ordinary plywood.

AGEL Technology was developed with the efforts of qualified professionals in conjunction with regular research and development work. Through AEGL Technique, it becomes possible to solve many problems in a single instance. The unique construction enhances the end-strength of the product which is made from AEGL technology.

Super Formula: AEGL is a futuristic super formula. Human beings know the technique, but with CONFORS plywood you will use that technique and implement it.
Density: AGEL Technology delivers extra density to the products, which results in higher dimensional stability and increased strength.
Anti-bending: CONFORS products have about 40% more glue line strength, which results in better anti-bending features.
Micro-organism resistant: The entry of micro-organism is zero in CONFORS products as they are made of AGEL Technology, wherein certain oxidants are used.
Free from decay: AGEL Technology delivers enhanced protection to CONFORS products from insects. These have extra number of poisonous glue lines that are helpful in improved protection from termites, fungus, borers and other organisms.

First time India

Made From 100% Selected Seasoned Wood

Plywood offered by us is the finest of all the varieties available in the market. Better bonding and numerous layers enhances the durability and enormous strength of the products. All the products are manufactured after thorough R&D work and complete understanding of the technology. Optimum care is taken while peeling the core to ensure uniformity in moisture content in all the layers. This is achieved by using a vapor facilitated dryer for drying that evenly distributes the moisture in total area through drying and continuous streaming of the core veneers.

  • 19mm- 15 Ply
  • 16 mm - 13 Ply
  • 12 mm - 11 Ply
  • 9 mm - 9 Ply
  • 6 mm - 7 Ply
  • 4 mm - 5 Ply

Products of CONFORS brand are certified by Bureau of Indian Standards. Also, the products by pass ISI manufacturing standards. Well managed R&D lab is looked after by scientists and experts which makes CONFORS AEGL an ISI certified product.
These products are offered from renowned ISO 9001:2000 certified company thereby guaranteeing total quality. Right from incoming raw material until dispatch of finished products is properly supervised and documented by our quality control staff who guarantees standard product and services.
CONFORS has always remained at the forefront of innovation and technology. Now with AEGL, CONFORS has become the leading company to offer a successful formulation.
Premium quality behind CONFORS is the hard work and dedication of team which is working tirelessly to deliver quality assured innovative product.
CONFORS products are environment friendly since only plantation timber is being used for production of all kinds of plywood.